How do you do that?

Well I’m going to try to write some posts every now and then that talk about how I made a certain shot. Not necessarily all the settings but rather some of the key things that make this shot unique.

This picture was taken on a beautiful day at Lake Tahoe. However, when I started there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Waiting until some clouds rolled through really made this shot more dramatic.

I used a wide angle lens to help give the feeling of space and grandiosity as well as a circular polarizer to make the sky jump out.

Using a tripod I got the camera low down to the rocks to make them more prominent. It’s important to have an interesting foreground subject even when you want to show the beauty of the landscape.

I chose a small aperture and low ISO to get a sharp clean image. With a tripod I wasn’t worried about camera shake.

I used exposure bracketing to get a range of 5 shots. In software later, I combined these into an HDR picture.

Hope you liked this!

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Question from a listener…

One of my listener’s sent me a question that might be useful to other photographers:

From: Sampson

      Hi Raj how are you doing? i am a proud listener of your podcast, I love your photos tips, tricks.  I shoot with a Nikon D5000. for about three months now. I have my godson baptiseme in august & I would like some advise to make the best of  of this event things i can; cant do thank you in advance; please don’t stop the podcast i learn something new every time i hear one. i listen to lots of podcast even thought of creating one but i don’t have the guts . thanks alot. keep up the great work.  

       The optic zoom lenses I have are 18-55mm(1:3.5-5.6G),55-200mm(1:4-5.6G),50mm(1:1.8D) 70-300(1:4.5-5.6G) all Nikkor & one 10-20mm(1:4-5.6DC) from Sigma, I also have a vanguard mk-3 tripod,a ML-L3 remote from Nikon. I have clear lens filters  & one polarized lens. That’s all I got. Thanks again & hear from you soon until then take care.

      Based on your equipment and the likelihood that the light won’t be that great indoors for a baptism, I would recommend trying to restrict the equipment that you take to force your self to take some interesting shots.  If you feel courageous, just take the 50 1.8 and the Sigma 10-20 (both lenses which I own and love!).  The wide angle lens will let you get big group shots but also some interesting close ups that accentuate certain things.  The 50 1.8 will be great for low light so you can get away without flash or minimal flash.  I would spend a lot of energy thinking about composition.  My first instinct is to use the flexible screen on the D5000 to get unusual angles like really low down or really high up to change up your pictures versus everyone else.  I could see you using the wide angle lens with the camera above your head taking a picture of the baptism from above and everyone leaning over your godson.  The 50 mm would be great for doing some selective focus.  Choose some interesting things to stand out, such as a flower arrangement, program, the child’s hands, etc.  but make sure that in the blurry background there is some context regarding where you are.
      In this way, you may not very many of the “standard” shots that everyone else will have, but you may get the shots that tell the story in a different or better way!  Good luck

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Lake Tahoe B&W

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Lake Tahoe Clear Water

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TFPP – Episode 16 – Lens Filters

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Greatest Show on Earth!!

Here are a bunch of my pictures from the Ringling Brothers Show in Atlanta a few weeks ago.  These were difficult shots in low light with fast moving action.  I had a lot of help by cranking up my ISO and using my 85 mm f/1.4 lens.  Let me know what you think.

Click on one of the pics to see the entire album on Flickr!

I really like criticism too!! 🙂

Ringling Brothers Circus 8

Ringling Brothers Circus 1

Ringling Brothers Circus 2

Ringling Brothers Circus 4

Ringling Brothers Circus 6

Ringling Brothers Circus 11

Ringling Brothers Circus 12

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TFPP – Episode 15 – Basics of Flash Photography

In this episode, I provide some brief introduction in how to modify and use your flash to avoid the harsh point and shoot style lighting situations.

Download the Mp3 or Listen on an iPhone or iPad!

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